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viernes, 13 de abril de 2018

Trump: Decision on US Syria Response to Be 'Made Fairly Soon'.

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President Donald Trump says a U.S. response to the recent alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria will be "made fairly soon." "We’ll see what happens..we're looking very seriously at that situation," Trump said Thursday at the White House, ahead of talks with his top advisors on Syria.

Earlier, Trump insisted he "never said when an attack on Syria would take place," tweeting that "it could be very soon or not so soon at all." A day earlier, he warned "missiles will be coming to Syria."

The White House has said Trump is considering striking Syria with missiles as one option to retaliate for the latest alleged chemical attack blamed on Syria’s government forces. At least 40 people were reportedly killed and hundreds sickened in the attack Saturday in the town of Douma, in eastern Ghouta, on the outskirts of Damascus. Syria has denied using chemical weapons.

NBC news reported that the U.S. has received blood and urine samples from the scene that have tested positive for chemical weapons. Inspectors from the international Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said a fact-finding mission is on their way to Syria and will start work in Douma on Saturday.

French President Emmanuel Macron said Thursday France has "proof" that chemical weapons were used by Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad's regime. He said France will respond at the time of its choosing.