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viernes, 20 de abril de 2018

Pakistani Journalists Condemn Curbs on Media.

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More than 60 leading journalists, op-ed writers and editors of some major newspapers in Pakistan have condemned what they said are “the ongoing curbs on freedom of expression in the country.” “Beginning with a crackdown against select media groups and banning the broadcast of various channels, there now is enhanced pressure on all media houses to refrain from covering certain rights-based movements,” according to a statement obtained by VOA. The government of Pakistan has not reacted to the statement issued Wednesday.

The transmission of Pakistan’s most widely watched news channel, Geo, has been blocked in many parts of the country for almost a month. Government officials and the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, PEMRA, insist they have not blocked the news channel. Instead, PEMRA issued instructions to cable operators earlier this week to restore Geo to normal distribution or face suspension of their licenses.

​'Unannounced censorship'
The statement also says that media managers, who feel under pressure, are dropping regular op-ed columns and removing online editions of published articles. Wajahat Masood, a well-known columnist associated with Pakistan’s largest daily, Jang, confirmed to VOA that he has been experiencing blocking of his op-ed pieces.

“No formal announcement has been made but unannounced censorship has been in place since 2014. I cannot complain to my newspaper (for not publishing my pieces) as the paper itself has been facing censorship problems for four years now,” Masood said. Irshad Arif, group editor of Daily 92 News, does not hold newspapers responsible for not publishing certain pieces and says journalists and writers should be aware of their responsibility.

“There is some difference between mainstream media and social media,” he said. “Writers should think before they submit articles to newspapers. When it is published, it is the responsibility of editor and the newspaper. They cannot justify something that is against the constitution, laws or society norms. You cannot justify uncontrolled freedom. It does not happen even in [the] USA and Europe.”